trophy room • 1790 • sea captains room

The Explore collection features scents inspired by our love of travel and adventure. This trio brings together the exotic spices of Trophy Room, the romantic blend of tobacco and rose in 1790, and the journeyed combination of sea salt and frankincense in Sea Captain’s Room.

Trophy Room

Traveling is one of our greatest joys, but we are always happy to return home to Hound House. The Trophy Room is filled with many mementos that we’ve collected on our adventures and we wanted a scent that would remind us of our journeys. Plum, saffron, and cardamom blend to create a fragrance that transports us to some of those special places.


Inspired by an 18th century portrait of a soldier, our 1790 candle tells the story of letters written between war-torn lovers. The intoxicating fragrance is both masculine and feminine, romantic and nostalgic. 1790 is layered with notes of rose, vanilla, and tobacco.

Sea Captain’s Room

Treasures from the ocean adorn the Sea Captain’s Room. Long voyages filled with new discoveries provided the inspiration for this scent. Sea salt, frankincense, and anise evoke the spirit of the Captain and his many travels.

Trio contains 3 votives: 2.5 oz., 3.25’’h x 2.25’’d, single cotton wick, 10-20 hours of burn time each.

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