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The Restore collection features our most soothing and rejuvenating scents. This trio brings together the fragrance of a perfect summer day in Powder Room, the inspiring aroma of red currant in Studio, and the fresh, crisp scent of sun-dried laundry in Dressing Room.

Powder Room

The Hound House Powder Room candle is clean and airy with just a hint of earthiness. Close your eyes and breathe in the gentle breeze of a perfect summer day and you will experience our inspiration for Powder Room. Notes of lime verbena, fig, and moss create this refreshing fragrance.


The Hound House Studio is all about the creative process. We surround ourselves with objects and other sources of inspiration: family mementos, found natural elements, art, and music. Notes of red currant, geranium, and rhubarb make our Studio candle light and energetic.

Dressing Room

Sun-dried laundry and scented sachets fill our Dressing Room with fresh, crisp fragrances that awaken our senses each morning. A unique mixture of lily, lemon, and musk is absolute perfection for our Dressing Room candle.

Trio contains 3 votives: 2.5 oz., 3.25’’h x 2.25’’d, single cotton wick, 10-20 hours of burn time each.

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