On the Road with Hound House: Sourcing for Clients


As Hound House evolved, we knew that design services would be one part of our offerings. Collin launched Collin Robison Design several years ago and it only made sense to fold it into Hound House. We offer a range of services and, while most of our clients have been in the Tri-State Area, we are happy to consider any project. Our clients, like us, seek to create a home, or commercial space that tells their story.  We have so much fun sourcing furniture, accessories, and art that is unique and will connect directly to the people we are working with. This week's post focuses on just that. Shopping!


Our friend, Maria McLennan joined us on a a recent shopping adventure. Her Etsy shop, Covet Antiques & Vintage Goods is indeed covet-worthy! There is nothing better than grabbing a coffee, jumping in the car, and heading out to discover "new" shops and galleries. It is even better when you find friends who share the same passion!

New England has some of the best shops around when it comes to shopping for antiques. Additionally, there are many weekly flea markets that operate from early Spring to late Fall. The Elephant's Trunk in New Milford, CT is one of our favorites and quickly became a Sunday morning ritual for us once we moved to Newtown. Last May, we made our first trip to Brimfield. Thanks to Maria, we had a plan to take on the huge market. We are looking forward to returning this May. We can imagine a blog post dedicated to that trip!

Mixing in vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces into the spaces we are designing is one of Collin's trademarks. These pieces add soul and more individuality to any room. They also add texture and patina. When everything is shiny and new, there just isn't much character. However, finding just the right objects is not always an easy task. While we don't want to give away all of our sources, we thought we would share a few of our favorites!

The Fairfield County Antique and Design Center is a multi-dealer center in Norwalk, CT.  Our friends Dave and Chris have a terrific shop,  DC Kingswood, and their selection never disappoints. These guys have such keen eyes and always manage to curate an amazing collection of unique accessories. We never leave empty handed--the hard part is staying focused on shopping for our clients and not for us! 

When we visit FCADC, we always check out Thorn Hill Home, Folly, Noreen Cronin, and Bullfrog Battles. The center is full of vendors offering a wide variety of style and price points, and we find that the dealers constantly refresh their merchandise. We have learned that if we find something we love, we better buy it right then. We have let a few finds slip through our fingers because we decided to "sleep on it" and it was gone when we went back--sometimes the next day!

Warren Street, Hudson NY

Warren Street, Hudson NY


Hudson, NY remains to be one of our favorite towns for sourcing. We had a weekend home in the Hudson Valley for a number of years just across from Hudson, so we love having the opportunity to go back and visit when we need to shop for clients. It's a quick hour and half drive from Newtown and the shops have a completely different vibe from what we find in Connecticut. 


The Antique Warehouse, on the way into Hudson, is a huge multi-dealer center and you can easily spend several hours moving from space to space. Stephanie Lloyd, one of our favorite dealers, has a great, eclectic collection of wares.

It is easy find pieces at the Warehouse that are inspiring and will add so much to the spaces we are currently working on. Below, is just a sampling of what the shops have to offer! When we are sourcing for our clients, we are always thinking about their story and what will make sense in their home. The design perspective is important, but the narrative is the guiding force. It is important that our clients feel a connection and appreciation for the objects that find their way into their home. 

The Warehouse is just one of the great places to check out in Hudson.  Warren Street offers a concentration of shops like Red Chair, Warren Street Antiques, Colonia, Rural Residence, and the Carrie Haddad Gallery. From vintage finds to the perfect painting, we can usually find what we are looking for--even if it is simply inspiration. 

For us, it is such a great feeling to know that we've sourced perfect objects for our clients. The thrill of the hunt never gets old and has allowed us to discover some of our favorite towns and make dear friends along the way.  

We would love to collaborate with you on your space. Email us today to set up a design consultation.