As we were making our story come to life in the decor of Hound House, we knew we would incorporate many family items that we both hold dear. Our families are an important part of our lives, and, as we get older, we appreciate our roots more and more. Among the antique shop and flea market finds, whimsical taxidermy, and other things that have found their way to us you are sure to find a family memento, or two. These are the kinds of artifacts that add soul and your history to your house. Of course, we try to think of interesting ways to pay homage to those we treasure so much.


Cloche call...

A photo of Collin's grandfather, Sylvan is nested inside a cloche in the entry.



A photo of Trent's grandfather, Seab peeks out of a drawer filled with family photos in the Trophy Room.


Book smart...

The primer that Trent's great-grandfather, Henry used in elementary school sits under a kangaroo in one of the guest rooms.

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 8.22.59 AM.png

Proud to Serve...

The dog tag belonged to Collin's grandfather, Lee. The WWII diary belonged to Trent's grandfather, Albert. They are placed on an antique cabinet in the Trophy Room.


Highly Decorated...

A shadowbox displaying the military medals of Collin's grandfather, Lee can be found in the Library.


String of Memories...

Some old photos from Trent's family are clipped to twine in his office.

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 12.03.13 PM.png

Take a Moment...

A pocketwatch that belonged to Collin's grandfather, Lee is in the Trophy Room. It is a sentimental accessory for Wentworth and a reminder of how precious time is. 


Family treasures remind us of the people we love and who we are. When you are thinking of ways to incorporate some of your own history into your decor, be creative! Details like these are what make a house your home.

We have lots of ideas for future blog posts, but we'd love to hear if there is something about Hound House you would like to know more about. Leave us a comment!