Picture Perfect

Hound House is a work in progress in many ways. As is the case for most of the things we do, we did not sit down and make a calculated plan for what Hound House might become. Instead, we let it evolve organically and we keep ourselves open to exciting possibilities. Some of the opportunities we have been presented with are photoshoots, both editorial and commercial. We thought it would be fun to give you a behind-the-scenes view of a few of these shoots!

One of our first cheerleaders is Newtown's Nora Murphy, who featured the house in her online magazine Nora Murphy Country HouseWe had a great time shooting with Nora and her team for her Autumn 2015 edition. Like Collin, Nora is a master stylist and the two of them had so much fun getting to know each other. I love to watch what happens when you put creative people together--it's magical. When Nora began working on her 2017  Kitchen Issue, she knew our kitchen had to be featured. She captured it perfectly! Definitely check out Nora's blog, online magazine, and look for her new book coming soon!


Nora graciously introduced us to DJ Carey, the talented editor of Connecticut Cottages and Gardens. DJ paid us a visit on a cold January day and we were smitten! When DJ decided to feature Collin Robison Design and Hound House in CTC&G, she immediately knew that NYC photographer, Ellen McDermott was the perfect choice to capture our house. We had an instant connection with Ellen and Bridget--they totally understand and appreciate our aesthetic. Ellen is mesmerized by the light in the house and how it interacts with the design elements. Her passion for the space comes through in her photographs. We couldn't have been more thrilled when one of our shots was chosen for the November 2016 cover.


When we were approached to consider making the house available for product shoots we were a little nervous, but we decided to go for it. Sometimes houses will be turned upside down during shoots like these. That was not the case!  Royal Velvet used the house as the backdrop for their Fall 2017 campaign. It was an incredibly positive experience and the results are beautiful.



And then came an opportunity from Traeger Grills. They were looking for a location to shoot a spot for the Dan Patrick Show. Thanksgiving was right around the corner and the show does a Thanksgiving segment every year. Hound House was exactly what they were looking for. Dan Patrick and his team, Danielle "Diva Q" Bennett, and the Traeger crew were fantastic!


Most recently, we did a photoshoot with Country Home which will be out in late Spring. You'll have to wait a while to see those pics!


We have enjoyed, and learned, from all of these experiences. It is certainly flattering to have Collin's talent shared with a broader audience and we couldn't be more grateful for the friendships that have evolved out of these chance encounters. We also learned to see the house in new ways when it has been used for the commercial shoots--Hound House helps the products and the people to truly shine. Who knows what might be around the next corner, but we are anxious to find out! For more information about using Hound House as a unique venue, visit our website!